Nowadays the uptrend of low-code or codeless platforms are fairly remarkable. With the low-code platform that we have developed for our company, we have executed database operations over a metadata file. Please find the methods that you can use in order to connect EF Core or other ORM metadata types also how you can operate those database operations in the seek of the same benefits, at the content of the article.


Normally during the time you develop your application, you mostly create your entity classes or types at your coding for your database objects and so model your EF Core…

The BPM tool which was developed in our company, could only work with SQL Server, later on a need occurred to make it work with PostgreSQL and other RDMS. It has been decided to migrate custom created structures to Entity Framework Core (EF Core). The aim of this article is to share some advice and tips for the ones who have decided to apply this migration or for the one who are already using the EF Core.


  • Design of DB Context and its usage in run-time
  • How to use logging in Development/Production environments
  • Integrates database hints to EF Core

Fahri Kaan Göktuna

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